New ORMS Building Project

Bond to Build New ORMS Passes by 76%

The $49,842,732 bond to construct new Oyster River Middle School building was voted on in a district-wide election on March 10, 2020. It passed by 76% of the vote!

Construction will begin May 2020! Please "like" the Friends of ORMS "Go Build ORMS" Facebook page for all the latest news! 

Link to Facebook Group:

News articles about the bond passing:

Learn More FAQs About the New Building Plans!

Click on the "Find out More" button below to get more information on the project via the ORCSD website. There is a plethora of great information there including an image gallery, detailed schematics and financials. 


In the "More Information" section of this page (see below), there is a FAQ Sheet that you can look at that contains a good summary of the reasoning behind the call for a new building. That FAQ sheet has been put together by the "Friends of ORMS" group. 

The ORAA Board of Directors has formally endorsed the passage of the Bond. Our endorsement letter can also be found in the "More Information" section below.  


FAQ on the Proposed New ORMS (pdf)


ORAA Endorsement Letter (pdf)